Cross County Saving Bank is a local bank that was originally founded in Brooklyn, New York over 125 years ago. The newly constructed building includes two floors of office and retail space and a cellar level used for storage and mechanical support.

Our civil team was the first to kick-off our work at the site, preparing a site plan layout, grading and drainage plan, and designing the site utility connections. They worked with various city agencies to obtain approval for the development of the site; they prepared plans for permitting approvals by the DEP, the DOB and the Parks Department (for a Tree Planting Plan).

Our MEP and technology teams designed a power generator to prevent any downtime. We coordinated with ConEdison for new electric service to site and with National Grid for gas service to the site. Our technology team designed a new end-to-end structured cabling system design coordinated with new voice, data, and video distribution system requirements.

Our commissioning team is managing the commissioning process and working to ensure that the systems will operate as designed. Our commissioning scope includes the Air Handling Units (AHU), standby power generator and gas fired generators.

We performed an energy model for the space and by doing so achieved a 28% energy reduction from the baseline model.