When Coté opened, it was New York City’s first Korean Steakhouse; now, this Michelin starred restaurant boasts a three month reservation wait list. The space was a sushi style restaurant, and our client wanted to maximize the use of the existing systems and equipment.

Our commissioning team provided a detailed analysis of the existing systems before our engineers started their design, discovering that some equipment had been poorly maintained and needed to be replaced. We were able to reuse the kitchen hoods, makeup units, and exhaust fans. Much of the duct worked was also reused in addition to having to run new gas and exhaust lines to each table while keeping to NYC code. For the client’s potential future expansion, we provided a hook up line to a rooftop chiller, so that the AC units could accommodate increased capacity.

Our team worked diligently, reused what we could and delivered a design-build solution that met the client’s top goal which was finish on budget within a tight schedule.