We worked with Convene at multiple locations in Manhattan, including 114 West 47th Street, 605 Third Avenue, 237 Park Avenue, and 730 Third Avenue. Our services have ranged from advising on the lease terms to engineering, to commissioning and Special Inspections.

At 101 Park Avenue, we worked with the team to transform the existing area into a flexible conference/meeting venue for Convene’s customers. The space includes a welcome/gathering area, eight meeting rooms, a warming kitchen, a dining room, nourishing cafes, a business center, and private workspaces, with up to a 200-person capacity.

From the beginning of the project, we helped negotiate the lease, enabling them to obtain increased condenser water to meet their needs for supplemental water. The open-ceiling design required detailed coordination with the architect, as well as significant coordination with the acoustical consultant to mitigate the noise within the space. We designed all new mechanical systems, including ventless kitchen equipment to comply with the building’s requirements of not having kitchen exhaust ducts.