Based on past usage and increased growth in Research and Development, AstraZeneca, formally known as MedImmune, indicated that housing and procedural space was insufficient to support their ongoing research needs at their Gaithersburg campus. We provided the feasibility study for the expansion of their vivarium space. We then provided the design for renovations to the laboratory in one main area, with utility tie-in points and coordination with systems located in another 11,000 sq. ft. area. The expansion created two separate but connected zones.

The first zone is the office area which includes locker rooms, a break area, open office and huddle room. The second area is the BSL2 Vivarium area that includes animal holding, procedure and necropsy space. Our design also included four additional animal holding rooms, two procedural rooms, a necropsy space, feed storage, a cold room, an expanded office space, and a secure airlock into the facility.