Through our Master Services Agreement with AstraZeneca, previously known as MedImmune, our team has provided support for various types of engineering projects at the Gaithersburg Campus. Our projects have included a site lab sanitary waste separation for the 900,000 sq. ft. campus, a $50,000 smoking mice lab pressurization and recommendation study, a process chiller study with expansion, an air handling unit replacement for a 100,000 sq. ft. office area and site lighting calculations.

Supporting AstraZeneca’s efforts moving towards a more modern and dynamic campus, we provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services for a full renovation of the interior space of several buildings throughout. Housing more than 3,500 employees at the scientific research campus, the new office standard renovations included the conversion of closed office space to an open environment increasing collaboration and interaction, lobby renovations, a new executive conference center and renovations to many interior corridors.

We have also conducted energy modeling calculations for eight separate AstraZeneca buildings to analyze the potential energy payback on the energy savings control modifications. Not only have we improved AstraZeneca’s return on investment rate, but we have also allowed the company to redirect capital to research and development. Our teams’ ability to understand complex infrastructure support systems has led to an ongoing, collaborative working relationship.