As part of the repositioning of this building, the owner decided to add retail space to the ground floor and a new elevator/escalator. Our existing conditions scanning team scanned the cellar and sub-cellar mechanical space, which consisted of a congested, base building mechanical plant. The team then used the information as the basis to coordinate new elevator and escalator pits into the existing mechanical space.

The benefits of scanning the space included being able to create detailed dimensioning of access between existing elements that were not readily accessible for typical measurement. We were also able to coordinate the elevator/escalator pits with the existing conditions, and generate sketches overlaying the proposed blocking for the pits on existing conditions scans to illustrate spacing and systems affected.

With respect to collaboration with RXR, our scans facilitated discussion and enabled remote collaboration with all project stakeholders. And, most important to the client, we were also able to minimize disruption to the existing systems during construction.