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East Bay


Michael Tung

Director of Engineering, Mechanical | Associate Principal


An early start
Growing up, Michael always had a curiosity about how things are made and how they work. Because of this, he decided to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. The rest is history.

Live to learn
Michael is passionate about always learning and teaching others. Describing himself as social, creative, and eclectic he embraces exploring new ideas and perspectives. This approach, combined with his passion for learning, helps us improve the way things are done.

An interesting project
The Faraday Future Plant Project is one that stands out to Michael. There were challenges throughout the project, especially dealing with the size and quantity of the large packaged units. He provided a solution that was capable of supporting the space and delivering the required performance. Michael and his team relied on their creative problem-solving and performed quality work, met the client's deadline, and exceeded expectations.


  • Santa Clara University| Santa Clara, CA
    Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering


  • Professional Engineer

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