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My Insights From I2SL

By Annemarie Erbel


A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining Managing Director, Energy & Sustainability, Desmond Greene, and Managing Director, Life Sciences, Ray Doyle at the I2SL Annual Technology Fair in Pittsburg, PA. The conference was a great opportunity to build business (over 500 people registered and attended!). It was also an excellent experience learning about trends in the industry. Here are some I2SL insights we thought were worth sharing:

  1. Electrification: electrifying your building makes it possible to have a clean energy and net zero building when solar or another clean energy source is provided to meet the building’s energy requirements.
  2. Green labs: the idea of greens labs is being taken up in higher education spaces because of their aging utility systems; a green program is a return on investment that allows you to roll over energy savings into the next project.
  3. Life science storage: very few labs are developing battery cells because it takes up too much space.

Ray and Des also led one of the sessions about how the most sustainable building is the one you already have. One of the things I loved about their presentation was that it offered a unique perspective – thinking about using existing buildings instead of building new ones.

We ended the night with a client happy hour (if you were there, thank you so much for joining us – we look forward to connecting again soon!). If this is a topic that interests you, and you’re looking to learn about your building’s energy consumption and carbon impact, our team can help.