Energy Compliance Starts Now

By Peter Dussault


If you are a building owner or manager, are you complying with your local Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS)? What about in five, 10, or 30 years when you must use even less energy? As we all move toward reducing emissions, local governments are releasing BEPS, such as Local Law 97 in New York City, BERDO Boston, Energize Denver, and Title 24 in CA. They require building owners and operators to reduce their energy usage annually, move to use electric power over fossil fuels, and report their annual usage.

The buildings that do not conform to the maximum usage will be fined. Additionally, ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) scores would also be impacted.

The key to meeting your local BEPS requirements is to start planning now for 10 to 30 years from now. As the annual energy usage drops over time, you need to have a strategy on how to comply, and WB can help with the different services we provide.


Recently, we worked with a large real estate owner/operator to help navigate these requirements for a number of their buildings.

Our energy and sustainability team, led by Desmond Greene, helped our client navigate how to submit their annual usage. We organized their energy bills, determined their yearly usage, and guided them through the reporting process with the local justification.

Next, our commissioning team, led by Abraham Algabyali, retro-commissioned our client’s buildings. Through retro-commissioning, we confirmed their building systems were operating as intended. It also allowed us to set a baseline for the energy consumption at each of their buildings.

Now, my team, the Healthy Smart buildings team, is working on a design to deploy smart metering throughout our client’s buildings. Our first step is to help them understand where they are using energy to reduce consumption. For us, a bill from the utility company is helpful. Even better is data from metering lighting power, HVAC power and gas usage, water usage, and more. The data provides insight into where building is consuming energy so we can strategize where to decrease it.


Once we understand how our client’s buildings are utilizing energy, we can compare that to the BEPS requirements, which require a continued reduction of overall energy usage over time and the move from fossil fuels to electrical power. We are working with our client to create a multiyear strategy for deploying Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). Our projects will help reduce the usage and decide when to decommission fossil fuel-based or other building systems that don’t allow for more efficient operation. Some of the measures we have recommended are:

  • Integrating all building systems to make a smart building
  • Conversion from fossil fuel burning equipment to electric
  • Demand control ventilation through IAQ monitoring
  • Advance lighting controls

Don’t wait 10 or 20 years to meet these requirements. Start now by finding our more information or asking me questions at