Clean Air in Buildings: Challenge Accepted

By Peter Dussault


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released a Clean Air in Buildings Challenge calling building owners and operators to evaluate their indoor air quality (IAQ) to improve ventilation and air filtration. As WB’s IAQ expert, I will go through each of the four steps of the EPA’s recommendations and explain how to enhance HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality, short- and long-term strategies to reduce exposure to COVID-19, and ways to act as a champion for indoor air quality improvements and monitoring.

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, I have been consulting with firms on how to improve IAQ – managing over 15 million sq. ft. of IAQ studies for clients. I will explain what I have recommended early in the pandemic vs. what I recommend now and why improving IAQ is good for people and smart for business.

Please click here to view our on-demand recording of the webinar.