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Who Do You Want to be When This is Over?

Our Senior Business Development | Associate, Alyssa Chaulklin, spent time reflecting on her experience this year with the CREW Silicon Valley Mentorship program where she is the Director of Rising Leaders. Read more about Alyssa’s experience and how she worked to adapt and evolve the program in 2020 in the post below.

Every year, my hope is to bring participants together and give them the opportunity to create real relationships. Mentorship has been one of the most invaluable experiences I have received in my life. The most beautiful part of the experience is receiving guidance from someone who on paper does not match what you think you need, but in person ends up being exactly what is meant for you.

When the CREW Silicon Valley Mentorship program started this year in January, I was ready to take my 32 participants through interactive workshops and discussions. I was ready to bring them more networking opportunities and to deeply reflect on what they wanted next for their careers.

When the Shelter in Place order went into effect, I knew I needed to think through a new way to bring value and engagement. The Mentorship program quickly transitioned from in-person workshops to virtual workshops. We traded beautiful office spaces for computer screens. The feeling that kept coming back to me was, “this is my opportunity” – my opportunity to show how effective and necessary mentorship is and can be.

The group that participated in the program this year went above and beyond my expectations. They showed up, not because I asked them to, but because they were committed to themselves. They followed along with all the ideas I had and allowed me to lead them into unknown territory. When everything in the world was giving them every reason to step back and disengage, they chose to lean in. As a gesture to give back to each participant, I wanted this year’s graduation gift to embody what they gave me – Hope and Gratitude.

My question to all of you, is one someone just recently asked me “Who do you want to be when this is over?” If you don’t know where to start or you are looking for some guidance, reach out to me. Let me tell you about the magic of the CREW Silicon Valley mentorship program. We may not be in the same boat, but we are all going through the same storm. If you are looking for guidance and a way to keep growing, this is your sign that mentorship is the next step in your journey.

Thank you to everyone who made this Mentorship program an experience to remember.

If you are interested in joining the mentorship program for CREW Silicon Valley, please reach out to Alyssa at

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