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Back to the Workplace Solution, Webinar

Last week, the Boston Real Estate COVID Consortium,  presented a webinar to the members of CoreNet New England. The Back to the Workplace webinar addressed concerns about returning to office space during this COVID-19 era, this included physical heath, as well as, emotional and mental health. Our Managing Principal & Life Sciences Practice Leader, Raymond Doyle is a member of the BRECC.

Topics covered included, a marketplace roundup, construction protocols, workplace design, change management, indoor air quality and enhanced cleaning protocols.

For the indoor air quality section of the webinar, our Managing Principal, Raymond Doyle started with a poll asking attendees to answer three questions. He stressed the importance of increasing fresh air in spaces and using a MERV 13 filter or higher. COVID-19 may have been the catalyst for companies to really understand the importance of improving indoor air quality. The focus is now shifting to healthy buildings, in order to make a space a better place to work. Attendees learned that poor IAQ is linked to productivity levels. The higher the CO2 levels, the harder it is to comprehend material and stay focuses. With changes to the AHU and maximizing fresh air has a one year return on investment.

Raymond also addresses these concerns, along with client questions, in our COVID FAQ Series. Now on our YouTube channel, here

If you'd like to watch the webinar, please use the link here to watch on CoreNet New England's YouTube channel.

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