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History of Title 24, California’s Building Code

Title 24 is a California building code designed to ensure new and existing buildings are energy-efficient and a reduced environmental impact. But what is its history?

It's an interesting story that starts after the Vietnam War. The war's ending led to economic prosperity (and new construction projects). as well as an increased focus on environmentalism in the early 1970s. Across California, there were multiple codes of regulations, but no standard. That's where Title 24 came in. In 1978, the California Building Standards Commission decided that they needed building energy efficiency standards across the state. The commission called these new standards, "Title 24."

What does Title 24 look like today? It includes 12 parts and regulates all MEP trades. It is updated every three years. The last edition was the 2019 edition and went into effect this year on January 1st. Buildings have a one year grace period before the CBSC starts to enforce compliance.

For tips on what changed in this version of the code or what needs to be done in your building to comply, please reach out to our Principal, Jimmy Sneed ( He'd be happy to answer any questions!

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