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3D Scanning is Worth It

As our team returns to construction sites, a service we have found important in the past and now more than ever is  3D Scanning. We’ve outlined our Top 8 Reasons why scanning is worth it.

1.) Accuracy

Our scanners are accurate within a fraction of an inch. This allows the design and construction teams to start from the most accurate existing conditions to enable a more accurate result.

2.) Speed & Visibility

Our scanners are faster than measuring with a tape measure and can provide greater visibility in dark spaces. Lasers can create layouts that we can then view by using simple filters.

3.) Deadlines & Schedules

After our initial survey and scan, we have a virtual model of the site—decreasing our number of site visits and increasing remote collaboration. This helps us meet your deadlines.

4.) As-Built Record

By scanning after MEP rough construction (but prior to installation of finished ceilings), we have a model of what is in the ceiling. This eliminates the need to remove ceiling elements to obtain existing conditions.

5.) Time Travel

When scans are completed before and after construction, specific areas can be compared across different points in time. This can help tell the story of
construction in your space.

6.) Tagging

Our scans can be tagged with product information, images, or descriptions that further elaborate on points within the scan. These tags can act as helpful references for facility managers or add clarity to the scan.

7.) Floor Level

Point cloud data can be used to determine how level the floor is within
a space. This can help architects in determining the applicability of certain
finishes that require tight tolerances.

8.) Portability

Go mobile! Our scans are portable and can be viewed from anywhere.


Contact Managing Principal, Gregory Brenner ( if you would like to learn more about our service.

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