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COVID-19: Our Return to Work Plan

We’ve been thoughtfully planning for our teams’ return to work. Our Return to Work Plan document, is a result of that planning. We’ve come up with guidelines for our offices and at site surveys. A few important things about Our Return to Work Plan:

1.) We are following government timelines for reopening across the country. But we’re being conservative about our timing. Working from home has gone smoothly for us and we want to make sure that our team feels absolutely comfortable being in our offices.

2.) We encourage our team to work from home. This is especially true for those who rely on public transportation to get to work.

3.) We’ve reviewed our spaces to plan for social distancing.

4.) We’ve been in touch with our landlords about their plans, which we’ve incorporated in to ours.

5.) Regarding surveys and construction visits – our team will do their homework before they go to a survey to understand the specific safety requirements beyond our own. Above all, we want our team to feel safe. And if at any time they don’t, we encourage them to leave the site.

View our entire document here.

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