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COVID-19: Preventative Maintenance

Across the country, buildings are being closed in efforts to protect occupants and reduce COVID-19 exposure. With buildings unoccupied, now is the perfect time for facility managers to improve the systems in their buildings by completing preventative maintenance in various spaces. Maintenance should be done regularly but often falls low on the priority list. Now, it is especially important because it is key to both preparing buildings for re-occupancy as well as keeping buildings and people safe once tenants return.

Our team of expert engineers worked together to come up with the following recommendations while building occupancy is low and there is limited interference from tenants.

  1. Clean coils, replace filters, verify the belt tension on fans and ensure that the building is operating at peak performance. Check motor and fan screens for debris build up.
  2. Review your air handling units to make sure condensate drains are clean and traps are work appropriately. Verify damper linkages to ensure that the building can modulate OA/RA as needed.
  3. Consider adding secondary air systems to your AHU’s, or floor type filtration systems. If you are interested, please reach out to our team for specific recommendations.
  4. Review your current building automation system overrides, and safety devices to alerts and alarm will inform your engineering staff.  Allowing the building to operate within automated control will increase your premises occupants' safety and reduce your energy consumption.
  5. Exercise valves on a regular basis to keep in tip top shape.  Prevent future unnecessary shut downs.
  6. Consider performing the more substantial or more timely equipment upgrades while in reduced occupancy mode. This will ensure a more reliable and, therefore, safer building as tenants return to work.

If you’d like more information from our team about how to improve and maintain your building systems, please reach out to, Senior Engineer, Ryan French at

Published April 27, 2020, 2:30 PM EST

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