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A message from the CEO: our response to Coronavirus

We’re navigating a changed world, and we know you are, too.

While our offices are open (but we know that can change quickly with government mandates), working from home is an option for everyone on our team. We’ve invested heavily in technology over the years not only to be able to offer flexibility, but also as part of our business continuity planning. While we may not know what is ahead in the coming days, weeks and months, we know we’re ready. Our technology has been tested and we can continue to do the work that we do best.

We operate as OneWB. That means that in our twelve offices around the country and 180 talented people on our team, our processes are the same. We help each other when we need to.

We are heavily invested in Microsoft Teams, which we will continue to use to connect to our clients and teaming partners. We use BIM360 for document management and design collaboration – it has served us well as a design collaboration tool.

I have thought about the effects that of a remote workplace might have on our culture. I feel confident that with all of our communications tools, we will maintain what we have built in our shared space now as we work in our remote spaces.

In all of the change that we are facing quickly, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to delivering quality. While we may be working a little differently than we did last week, we’re using the technology that we already had in place and the processes that we know work.

I’d love to hear how you are working through these business and life challenges because, well, we’re all in this together. I can be reached at 646.778.5684 or at

Published March 17, 2020, 2:45 PM EST

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