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Data for Thought: Retro-Commissioning

On average, retro-commissioning can help make your building 16% more energy-efficient with a payback time of 1.1 years. In addition to identifying operational issues, such as equipment not being operated as designed or equipment that needs repair or replacement, retro-commissioning can: 

  1. Ensure control logic or setpoints are not in override and optimized for current space usage; 
  2. Identify sensors that are faulty or out of calibration;  
  3. Confirm staff is trained in proper system operation and maintenance. 

Why does Retro-commissioning matter? 

Beyond saving energy, it can help building owner and managers improve tenant satisfaction. Over time, systems go out of calibration, which causes more fluctuations in temperatures and more hot/cold complaints. By calibrating the sensors and making repairs, building owners and managers can ensure that tenants will be more comfortable and productive in the space. Improving thermal comfort also means increasing tenant satisfaction and reducing building vacancy.  

If you’d like more information about energy savings through retro-commissioning, please reach out to our Principal, Rob Andersen at or call 646.778.5635. To read the full (65 page!) study performed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, click here.

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