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Data For Thought: Air Quality

58% of workers say that air quality is what they care about most in the workplace. There are several steps that building owners and managers can take to improve air quality. Three of the most effective ways to do so while minimizing energy usage and expenditures include:

1. Outside airflow measurement and verification

Why does this matter? It ensures that the required minimum outside airflow rates are being met to maintain air quality while not bringing in excessive air that would need unnecessary heating or cooling. Calibrate your sensors and ensure the readings match the Building Management System.

2. Retro-commissioning of existing ventilation systems

Why does this matter? Verifying that all systems are operating as designed will provide optimum efficiency.

3. Review of preventative maintenance programs and practices to maximize indoor air quality

Why does this matter? Regular filter replacement, equipment, and system cleaning and maintenance can help ensure ventilation systems are operating at optimal performance levels. Validate maintenance programs and ensure they are comprehensive without being excessive or wasteful. Review options for more effective filters to maximize air quality.

Building owners and managers can also develop preventative indoor air quality management programs following guidance by EPA and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)!

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