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Wellness Week 2019

One of our favorite weeks of the year is our Wellness Week! Held every year during springtime our team coast to coast participated in various events and activities focused on mental and physical wellness.

Our team jumped right in to the competitive spirit by taking part in a wall sitting contest. Each office had their respective winners, but Alyssa in our East Bay Office was the reigning champion - with an impressive time of 13 minutes and 18 seconds. We will see if she can go for her third win next year!

We slowed things down and practiced mindful moving with chair yoga and stretching. It got us into a great mindset by taking fifteen minutes to breathe and clear our minds. We were ready to take on the rest of the day.

When mid-week rolled around, we were back to testing our endurance with a plank contest! It was fierce competition, but our NY team squeaked out the win by two seconds! Calvin held an exciting 11 minute and 32 second plank! Nick on our DC team held an 11 minute and 30 second plank - talk about athleticism!

We slowed it down again, with massages in all our offices. It was a relaxing break in not only the work day but also from the competitions of wellness week!

Our favorite day of the week, of course - all our teams participated in a "Get Outside" challenge. Each office was left to enjoy the outdoors in whatever way worked best for them. The Boston team took it to the courts - playing a few rounds of basketball. Our DC went on a walk and played volleyball in the park near the office. Our East Bay team enjoyed the Californian sun on their walk while the NY team enjoyed the city views in their walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

All while we had these in office activities and challenges, we held a week-long step challenge to get the team moving. Steps counted Monday - Friday all day and night. It got highly competitive in all the offices with some amazing step counts! Overall our winner, and second year in a row champion, was Osaji in Boston with 133,000 steps for the week!

We love that the team embraced the week and were able to practice mental and physical wellness together throughout the various activities.

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