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Engineers Week 2019

In honor of National Engineers Week, we asked a few of our engineers why they decided to study engineering. Here is what they had to say! “I was drawn to engineering because I like to understand how things work.  Over the years this has evolved from math problems and taking apart toasters and dissecting chilled water systems, but the fundamental thought process remains the same.” - Bart S. | Principal | Washington, DC “As a kid I was pretty mechanically inclined; I always had a common sense why of thinking. I loved tinkering with my dirt bike and solving our household problems. Over the years, multiple people jokingly mentioned, “He’d probably make a great mechanical engineer”. As I grew up, that thought stuck with me. I knew going into any type of engineering would hold a promising future, so when it came time for college, there was no question what path I was going to choose...Mechanical Engineering!”- Tim O. | Project Manager | Senior Associate | Boston “I studied theatrical lighting design in college. I loved the problem solving and collaborating as part of a creative team working in theater, but eventually decided I wanted to make a more permanent impact. I took a job as a draftsperson at an construction consulting firm while going back to school for architecture. Eventually, I decided to work in engineering, which enabled me to connect the pieces of my passion for lighting, electrics, and design.” - Kristen P. | Project Manager |  Associate | New York “I would have been an artist, but my medium of choice is electricity and they don’t teach artists how to design circuits. The experience that convinced me to pursue engineering instead of the arts was at an exhibition where some of the installations were re-purposed electronics or stunningly beautiful and meaningful sculptures that had electronics at their core.” - Jonathan M. | Engineer | East Bay

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