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Celebrating Excellence 2019 Promotions

Please join us in congratulating our team members who were recently promoted! Our team members excelled in their roles. They demonstrated our core values. And they earned their promotions.  

Robert Andersen, New York, Principal
Gregory Brenner, Corporate, Managing Principal
Fran Coffey, Boston, Principal
Raymond Doyle, Washington, DC, Managing Principal, Washington, DC
Peter Dussault, Boston, Managing Principal, Boston & Denver
Des Greene, New York, Managing Principal New York & New Jersey
Julie Pampuch, Corporate, Principal
Jimmy Sneed, East Bay, Managing Director, East Bay
Bart Stewart Washington, DC, Principal

Paolo Sabatini, Senior Associate

Osaji Arah, Senior Associate
Susan Brash, Executive Assistant
Tom Broderick, Senior Associate
George Brooks, Senior Associate
Anthony Capuano, Project Engineer
Dan Duval, Senior Associate
Jean Gedeon, Assistant Project Manager
Jose Lozano, Associate
Landon Maurer, Associate
Michael McGagh, Senior Project Manager
Tim O'Neil, Senior Associate
Joseph Swankowski, Senior Associate

Kate Bennett, Associate
Ashleigh Bik, Associate & Communications Coordinator

Michael Racette, Senior Project Manager

East Bay
Lauren Anderson, Project Engineer
Alyssa Chaulkin, Associate
Mauricio Espinosa, Project Engineer
Kevin Sotto, Senior Associate
Michael Tung, Senior Associate & Director of Engineering

New York
Bridget Cannata, Senior Associate
Charles Cronin, Project Manager
Steve Czarnecki, Associate Principal
Eddie Delahunt, Project Engineer
Greg Kaminski, Associate & Project Manager
Kristen Pecci, Project Manager
Matthew Romeo, Commissioning Project Engineer
Moshe Yeganeh, Associate & Project Manager

Washington, DC
DJ Abate, Associate Principal
Jonathan Burke, Associate Principal
Jesse Fisher, Associate Principal
Alex Hench, Associate
Son Hong, Associate
Waka Mbai, Associate
Kristen Miller, Associate
Alex Molokin, Senior Associate
James Phillips, Associate
Nick Rados, Associate
Brian Wisniewski, Senior Associate
Drew Zahradka, Associate & Project Engineer

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