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Celebrating Excellence

We’re excited to announce our new Chief Operating Officer, Mike Quigley, PE, LEED AP! He started with us right after graduating from college - when the company was two years old, had two locations and only 15 people. Seventeen years later, Mike now takes responsibility for the development of our team and the quality of our work for our nine locations and 180 team members. What has been most meaningful to Mike in his career? That WB always gave him the opportunity to make an impact. “If I had a good idea about how we did something, we would usually try it out and if it worked we'd implement it,” says Mike, “people always heard me out. Not every idea worked, but I always felt empowered to improve how we work. One of my goals as COO is to keep my eye out for new ideas to make sure our team feels the same way I did then and still do today.” Congratulations, Mike!

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