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Office Olympics

We held the 2018 Office Olympics to celebrate and say goodbye to most of our summer interns.

We began with an opening ceremony and a delicious pizza lunch. The first event was rowing, in which groups of three sat in office chairs and had to maneuver down the hallway backward and as fast as possible. People around the office cheered as ten groups passed the finish line. The next activity, a crowd favorite, was nerf gun archery. Teams had nine foam bullets to try and knock down six cups stacked in a pyramid. Teams were unstoppable, and cups were falling left and right. Some teams then participated in a balloon race relay, where members had to run around the office with a balloon between their legs. Fortunately, no balloons were hurt in the process. Our last event was an M&M relay. A bowl of M&M's was placed at the end of one of our conference tables. Three teams lined up at the other end of the table, members waiting to run to the M&Ms and fish out all the blue ones - with chopsticks!

At the end of the day, participants received gold, silver, and bronze medals made from various candy. It was a memorable, very fun, and very eventful hour!

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