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Welcome New Hire Class of 2018!

Last week, we welcomed our Class of 2018 new hires to WB, and they kicked off their first week with us by attending orientation in Boston. Working from our Boston office, we are pleased to introduce Amer Becirovic, Alex Riley, and Matt Fredenzi, who are electrical, plumbing, and mechanical engineers, respectively. We also trained an intern, Pax Alexis, who will be working from Boston. In New York, our new hires include Briana Figueroa, Nick Gordon, Adam Szpty and Chris Amato. While Nick and Briana are both mechanical engineers, Adam does plumbing, and Chris’s focus is electrical engineering. Fun fact: several of our new hires were actually interns before working full time at WB!
The new hires began their first day with a general introduction of the company. They learned about the company’s history, our structure, and even got to see some of our projects. Following this introduction, they were given an onboarding presentation by Kate and Julie via WebEx. Similar to the interns, new hires learned about how to get paid and how to make the most of their experience at WB. As a treat, we took them out to ice cream, which they very much enjoyed!
In the following days, the new hires primarily learned about Revit and did trade specific training. Throughout the week, they also went to dinner at Strega Waterfront, Kings for bowling, enjoyed a lunch at Legal Harborside, and went Boston sightseeing after work. We hope that they had as much fun as we did, and we wish them the best of luck as they begin their time at WB!

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