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A ‘Hard Tech’ Space

We design the spaces for a lot of cool companies. The Engine, MIT’s new investment company that funds "hard tech" startups certainly falls into that category of cool company. Our team, including Dan D., Mark Z., Keith C. and Nicolas K., worked with SGA Architects to design the MEP systems for the 24,000 sq. ft., two-floor space at 501 Massachusetts Avenue in Central Square. The space included co-working space, high-tech lab machinery and conference rooms.
During the fit-out, the big question around Boston was what startups would be working in The Engine’s space. And now we know. Earlier this week MIT revealed the first seven companies that will be moving into the space that we helped design.
(What is hard tech? Companies that focus on difficult technologies that may take a long time to commercialize, in such areas as biotechnology, robotics, manufacturing, medical devices and energy.)

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