Meet the WB team

Tom DeIngeniis

Associate Principal

Sandy’s impact

My specialty, electrical engineering, has really been brought to the forefront by recent big weather patterns like Superstorm Sandy. Companies are now seriously thinking about emergency standby power systems to prevent prolonged power outages. We’re still very much involved in storm recovery efforts and even more so figuring out how to be prepared for the next one.

Nothing unusual

My background is in the design of mission critical systems. Someone once told me that if on any given day, nothing unusual happens in a mission critical facility, the design was a success. That idea stuck with me. I love figuring out the technical challenges of designing a mission critical facility so that every day is just another uneventful day.

Cleaner and greener

One of the more interesting ways that the industry is changing is the forceful push toward cleaner and greener sources of energy. It used to be that the clients that wanted to be good corporate citizens were asking about clean and green. Now everybody is. I think our team is doing a great job of staying current with new technologies.

10 years from now

I’m always fascinated by alternative energy. We’re definitely headed in the direction of using hydropower, wind and solar more. Solar is one of the most powerful forms of alternative energy. Pretty cool stuff.

My favorite season

Baseball season, of course. I’ve always been a huge Yankees fan, but I became a bigger fan when my two boys started cheering for the Bronx Bombers, too.


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