Meet the WB team

Peter Dussault, PE


Trusting your colleagues with your clients

When I was considering joining WB, I had a choice of going to another big firm or joining David and Vinny at WB and starting the Boston office. Honestly, I was on the fence for a bit. And then Vinny said to me, who would you trust with clients? I knew I could trust Dave and Vinny without hesitation, so my mind was made up.

Tackling the hard stuff first

There are going to be things that don’t go exactly as planned on most projects, no matter how well we’ve planned and designed. It’s just the nature of life and business. What matters is how we deal with the problems. I like to roll up my sleeves and work on whatever will be the hardest stuff first. My team is like that too. We aren’t afraid of challenging stuff.

No hiding

A great lesson that we’ve learned from working as a prime consultant – reporting directly to the end user and managing a team of consultants – is that there isn’t anyone to hide behind. It has taught us to be accountable and how to communicate. We’re comfortable leading a team and we know how to be great team members.

What's next?

We’ve got a great team doing great work. We do a selected number of philanthropic events during the year, but I’d like to do more of that.


Our founders. Our leaders. The visionaries. The people who take the final ownership for our work. David, Vinny, Peter, Peter, Mike, Tom and Craig have a great balance of experience and ideas. They are Improving The Way Things Are Done everyday, and making sure that we do, too.