Meet the WB team

Michael Quigley, PE, LEED AP, DCEP


Finding a great place to work

I came to work at WB as an engineer after graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I’m lucky because on my first try, I found the right place for my career. I loved being part of a culture where I felt empowered to make decisions and encouraged to share ideas. Now as a leader, I try very hard to empower my team too.

With a great culture

Something that I’m proud of as a leader is that we have very little turnover in our office. I think that speaks volumes. We have a great environment for teaching young engineers and we have an office that people enjoy. We work hard and we push people to deliver, but we have fun getting there too.

What makes us different

We have a great portfolio of projects, especially in interiors and mission critical projects. Doing great engineering is a given – we wouldn’t still be in business if we couldn’t deliver the engineering. But what makes us different is that we don’t hide behind drawings. We understand that personal relationships are hugely important, so we take the time to make and keep those relationships. It has made all of the difference.

A unique QA process

We expect people to bring their A-game to work and they do. One of the great processes that we have is that we do pin-ups before projects get issued. We hang our drawings on the walls in our conference rooms and invite anyone on the staff to bring a red pen and take a look. It’s a great team experience and a great way to catch the little things.

And an athlete

For the last twenty months, I’ve been really dedicated to Cross Fit. It works – and has helped me improve my race times. I just finished my first Tough Mudder. Tough – yeah. But I love the sense of accomplishment from crossing the finish line of a race.


Our founders. Our leaders. The visionaries. The people who take the final ownership for our work. David, Vinny, Peter, Peter, Mike, Tom and Craig have a great balance of experience and ideas. They are Improving The Way Things Are Done everyday, and making sure that we do, too.