Meet the WB team

Gregory Brenner


A meaningful internship

I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the industry after a high school internship at an architectural firm. I thought that a big picture perspective of the built environment would lead to a great career, so I studied Urban Planning at University of Maryland, College Park.

How I first heard about WB

There was a presentation to the VP of Verizon Real Estate (at the time, Tom Doherty) on a major downtown building separation project. Verizon brought in WB to do a peer review. This was the first of many meetings with Vinny Warner and Peter DeBernardo. When Tom Doherty opened the DC office, his reputation and forward-thinking business model inspired me to join him.

Why I do this

I enjoy taking on the challenges that our business and our clients face every day. I love knowing that I can make a difference in addressing those challenges.

But If I had to do it all over again

I would try to take more time to enjoy the moments of everyday life and not always focus on the next challenge or dwell on what I could have done differently.

How my wife and kids would describe me

Sleepless, driven, and funny (but they would just be humoring me with the funny).


Our founders. Our leaders. The visionaries. The people who take the final ownership for our work. David, Vinny, Peter, Peter, Mike, Tom and Craig have a great balance of experience and ideas. They are Improving The Way Things Are Done everyday, and making sure that we do, too.