Meet the WB team

Gerry Brown

Chief Financial Officer

The most interesting part of my job

Overseeing WB's finances is just a small piece of what i do. I love that i get to be involved in fnance, accounting, resource planning, technology, marketing and HR. I enjoy tying all of those pieces together into the big picture.

Why I think that WB is unique

Our team members work really hard together to get things done - no task is too large or too small. And everyone is really willing to help each other out.

I'm a fan

I love watching football and am a Giants fan. I'm also a Yankees fan. And when I'm not rooting for my favorite professional team, I enjoy playing and coaching basketball for my four kids.


Our founders. Our leaders. The visionaries. The people who take the final ownership for our work. David, Vinny, Peter, Peter, Mike, Tom and Craig have a great balance of experience and ideas. They are Improving The Way Things Are Done everyday, and making sure that we do, too.