Meet the WB team

Erin Murphy

Managing Director

Why I joined WB

I joined WB because I was excited about opportunity to work for and with Dave and Vinny.  I felt that this would be a positive and progressive environment to work in.

What I think is special about WB

Our company is comprised of a wonderfully warm and intelligent group of people.  I am grateful to be able to spend my time surrounded by these individuals.

What I love about working with the younger staff

I love their enthusiasm – they bring a fresh, vibrant energy.  I also really appreciate their wit and intelligence.

Early memory of being at WB

The day that our first refrigerator and microwave arrived in the office. The team was so excited.  I can still remember the engineers standing around the microwave. They had to run out and buy popcorn to test it out.

A favorite book

The Human Revolution - it is an amazing novel written by an incredible man.   It is full of information on how to live successfully.


Our founders. Our leaders. The visionaries. The people who take the final ownership for our work. David, Vinny, Peter, Peter, Mike, Tom and Craig have a great balance of experience and ideas. They are Improving The Way Things Are Done everyday, and making sure that we do, too.