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Verizon, Niagara

Ensuring compliance with corporate design standards

Making sure that every facility meets corporate design standards is important to Verizon. We performed a due diligence study of this entire facility the existing equipment conditions and identified areas that were not in compliance. The Niagara site included two buildings totaling 77,000 sq. ft. which accommodate 580 persons. The space includes training rooms, break rooms, conference rooms and ADA bathrooms. 

Based on our review and analysis of the MEP systems, we prepared a report detailing our recommendations for system upgrades and associated cost estimates for implementation. 

Our recommendations included replacing the twenty rooftop units, as they were approaching the end of their life-cycle.

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Niagara, NY
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Project Services

Due Diligence Study

Surveyed buildings and spaces to understand existing MEP/FP/IT systems.