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Verizon, Newark

Helping a Verizon find a new call center space

When Verizon was considering a few different buildings as the location for their Newark call center, we helped evaluate five locations to determine which facility best met their requirements and budget.

Initially, we developed mechanical and electrical design criteria, including space requirements, hours of operation, power density requirements, necessary office equipment, and any special mechanical and electrical systems needs. Because Verizon wanted to have MEP systems that were completely independent of the base building systems, we also identified any requirements for separating Verizon’s systems from the building’s systems. 

Based on our analysis of the five locations, we helped Verizon narrow their choices to the top three facilities. We then conducted more detailed surveys of these sites. We prepared a report on each of the three facilities, analyzing the existing mechanical and electrical systems, and describing the modifications that would be required in order to meet Verizon’s standard design criteria. In addition, we included budgetary costs for making any required modifications.

Verizon used this information to select the site for the call center and during the lease negotiation process. Following the negotiation process, we were hired to design modifications to the building infrastructure.

Project Type

Project Services

Due Diligence Study

Surveyed buildings and spaces to understand existing MEP/FP/IT systems.

Electrical (Infrastructure)

Designed of all or some of the following systems: incoming electrical service including switch, switchboards and main distribution, electrical riser, infrastructure for emergency generator, lighting and power drawings, exit signs and emergency lighting.

Fire Protection (Infrastructure)

Designed of all or some of the following systems: roof mounted storage tank, sprinkler and drain risers with new rigs and tamper switches, and fire booster pump.

Mechanical (Infrastructure)

Designed of all or some of the following: mechanical systems: HVAC system, chiller plant, air handling units, exhaust, boiler, steam risers, control valves and steam traps, life safety generator and BMS.

Plumbing (Infrastructure)

Designed of all or some of the following systems: domestic water mains, sanitary and domestic water risers, duplex pump set, house trap, and gas service.