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Sterling Glen of Roslyn

Addressing the engineering challenges of a mixed use development for a great result

What we love about mixed use development is that is like putting together a puzzle – and figuring out how to make the MEP systems work together even though the requirements vary by space. This was one of those great puzzle projects, where we had to design the MEP systems for 160 residential units, as well as an underground parking area and a community center, kitchen, gathering area, library, bar/lounge, media room, fitness center, and beauty salon.

Even though this was a new project, we still had strict space constraints for the MEP systems. We also had to be very mindful of the developer’s budget.

In the end, what made the project a success was great communication. With a large team of consultants including an interior designer, structural engineer, two architects, sound consultant and site engineer, we made it a priority to make sure that we communicated our engineering status openly on this project. That made all the difference in delivering a great project result.

Project Type
New Construction,
SLCE Architects

Project Services

Electrical (Interiors)

Prepared electrical lighting drawings for fixture circuiting, specification and switching. Prepared power drawings with circuiting, panels, transformers, exit signs and emergency lighting.

Fire Protection (Interiors)

Prepared drawings showing distribution piping and locations of sprinkler heads, preaction and/or FM 200 systems.

Mechanical (Interiors)

Designed HVAC systems including transfer fans, environmental requirements, controls and management systems.

Plumbing (Interiors)

Designed plumbing fixture locations and rough-in requirements.