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Red Hat

Design of infrastructure and interiors systems for a new building

During the challenging economy of recent years, fewer new construction projects were being undertaken. But when Red Hat needed space to accommodate their growing team, they decided to build their own building. We designed the MEP systems for the core and shell of the building, and then had the opportunity to also design the interior spaces in the building. The interior design included office space and a 5,000 sq. ft. data center. 

The MEP systems required included two 150-ton roof top units to serve the office space, in row cooling and a new 300-ton air cooled chiller to support the data center. The project also included a new 2.5 megawatt generator system to provide backup power to the facility, including both the office space and data center.

Project Type
New Construction
Westford, MA
Square Footage

Project Services

Electrical (Infrastructure)

Designed of all or some of the following systems: incoming electrical service including switch, switchboards and main distribution, electrical riser, infrastructure for emergency generator, lighting and power drawings, exit signs and emergency lighting.

Electrical (Interiors)

Prepared electrical lighting drawings for fixture circuiting, specification and switching. Prepared power drawings with circuiting, panels, transformers, exit signs and emergency lighting.

Fire Protection (Infrastructure)

Designed of all or some of the following systems: roof mounted storage tank, sprinkler and drain risers with new rigs and tamper switches, and fire booster pump.

Fire Protection (Interiors)

Prepared drawings showing distribution piping and locations of sprinkler heads, preaction and/or FM 200 systems.

Mechanical (Infrastructure)

Designed of all or some of the following: mechanical systems: HVAC system, chiller plant, air handling units, exhaust, boiler, steam risers, control valves and steam traps, life safety generator and BMS.

Mechanical (Interiors)

Designed HVAC systems including transfer fans, environmental requirements, controls and management systems.

Plumbing (Infrastructure)

Designed of all or some of the following systems: domestic water mains, sanitary and domestic water risers, duplex pump set, house trap, and gas service.

Plumbing (Interiors)

Designed plumbing fixture locations and rough-in requirements.