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O’Hare Hall

A van turn around for traffic calming

Road rage is likely a familiar term. Perhaps not as familiar a term is traffic calming. But calming traffic along with increasing pedestrian safety, were the goals of the design for a new vehicular u-turn by O’Hare Hall.

We developed a grading and drainage plan intended to reuse as much of the existing paved roadway surfaces as practical, and to connect to existing stormwater systems. Our details for the new construction included paving, sidewalk, curb and lighting, as well as seeding and landscaping. In addition to widening the roadway to improve the flow of traffic (cars no longer had to make k-turns), the newly designed roadway creates create a safer pick-up and drop-off area for buses.  

Beyond just the design of the roadway, we developed a utility plan which included modifications to street lighting and stormwater systems. Two site utility poles had to be relocated, but we were careful in our design so as not to require alteration to the site’s sanitary, water/fire hydrant, and fiber optic systems.

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Civil Engineering

Designed the systems on the ground and down, which includes storm water, utility systems, sewer mains, pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, and roadways.