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New York Medical College

Deciding whether or not to renovate a building

Sometimes it makes sense to redevelop a building and sometimes it makes sense to just start over. For this project we were part of a great team of experts working with New York Medical College to help them make that decision – renovate or start over?

In order to make our recommendation, we had to understand the existing conditions in the building. Based on the information gathered in our site survey, we developed budgetary estimates which defined equipment that could be refurbished and equipment that would have to be replaced. 

What we found in our survey was that the plumbing systems seemed to be in good working condition, but that significant upgrades were required for the mechanical, steam, fire protection, and electrical systems. One of the most significant upgrades that would have been required was the major mechanical system infrastructure. 

New York Medical College had some important decisions to make about what to do with this building. What we gave them was complex engineering information in a way that was easy to understand in order to facilitate their decision making.

Project Type
Valhalla, NY

Project Services

Due Diligence Study

Surveyed buildings and spaces to understand existing MEP/FP/IT systems.