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MIT, Relocation

Seeing a 3D model of a space before it is built

This project consisted of relocating the technology review department’s main office from the seventh floor to a larger space on the thirteenth floor. The project itself was not complicated from and MEP design perspective, but what made it different and fun was that it was completed in Revit. MIT decided to require the project be done in Revit because it would give the team the opportunity to see the built project in 3D models and sort out any design conflicts before construction started. 

We started by surveying the existing mechanical, electrical, fire protection and plumbing systems and then creating Revit models to have an accurate ‘as-built’ model.  The great benefit of Revit is that it helps a project to better stay on schedule and can significantly reduce change orders during construction.

Project Type
New Construction
Cambridge, MA
Square Footage

Project Services


Using Autodesk AutoCAD MEP 2011, Autodesk Revit MEP 2012 and Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011, developed a 3D model showing how the MEP systems can be laid out in the space. We also created photorealistic renderings.

Fire Protection (Interiors)

Prepared drawings showing distribution piping and locations of sprinkler heads, preaction and/or FM 200 systems.

Mechanical (Infrastructure)

Designed of all or some of the following: mechanical systems: HVAC system, chiller plant, air handling units, exhaust, boiler, steam risers, control valves and steam traps, life safety generator and BMS.

Mechanical (Interiors)

Designed HVAC systems including transfer fans, environmental requirements, controls and management systems.

Plumbing (Interiors)

Designed plumbing fixture locations and rough-in requirements.