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Fitness Center

Creative design to fit within a conservative budget

Being the fitness aficionados that many of us are, we always love the opportunity to work on fitness center projects. This particular fitness center included a free weight room, spinning room, yoga studio, and approximately 60 cardio and nautilus machines. 

Fordham was very conscious about their construction budget, so we made every effort to modify the existing building systems where possible. We designed a dual duct heating and cooling system with new HVAC mixing boxes. We also designed ceiling fans to improve the air flow. The space was also re-equipped with a new fire sprinkler system and lighting system which included both localized and remote location control switches.

Project Type
New York, NY
Jack L. Gordon

Project Services

Electrical (Interiors)

Prepared electrical lighting drawings for fixture circuiting, specification and switching. Prepared power drawings with circuiting, panels, transformers, exit signs and emergency lighting.

Mechanical (Interiors)

Designed HVAC systems including transfer fans, environmental requirements, controls and management systems.

Plumbing (Interiors)

Designed plumbing fixture locations and rough-in requirements.