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CVS Caremark

Technology consulting for the largest pharmacy healthcare provider in the US

Our technology team has worked with CVS for many years on a variety of interior and mission critical facilities throughout the country. Some of the highlights of our work include the design of technology and physical security systems for this a 97,000 sq. ft. building addition. The new facility included a state-of-the-art 450 seat auditorium, always a fun type of space to design from a technology perspective.

We designed the technology and security systems for a new 200,000 sq. ft. ground-up corporate financial center. The building includes Class A open and closed plan office space and a 300 person cafeteria. 

Following the completion of that project, we designed the technology and physical security systems for a new 140,000 sq. ft. data and technology center. The new building included a fully fault tolerant data center, a call center, and Class A office space. Some parts of the project that were most critical to us from a technology design perspective were the raised access floor, multiple entrance facilities, and high density computing. The project has an N+1 infrastructure in key areas and full route diversity for outside plant systems connectivity.

We also designed a 12,000 sq. ft addition to an existing data center. Our design included infrastructure supporting high density computing with raised access flooring and cabinet arrangements design for above 10KW. The project required construction during current data center operations and some relocation of existing equipment.

CVS continues to be a great client and we look forward to where the next project will take us and what challenges we will have to address.

Project Type
Mission Critical
Woodsocket, RI

Project Services


Designed a comprehensive physical security system coordinating access control and access card compatibility concerns, visitor management, regulatory compliancy concerns, video security and other corporate security operational objectives.

Technology Consulting

Designed a technology infrastructure, and coordinated performance and layout requirements with business and related technology plans. Addressed equipment spatial requirements, pathways, bandwidth, cabling systems, performance, systems administration, equipment refresh impacts, and ROI analysis on specified infrastructures.