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Brookfield Renewable Power

Commissioning for critical systems

At Brookfield’s North American Headquarters, the infrastructure and critical emergency power equipment enable Brookfield to dispatch renewable energy to the northeastern electrical grid. It’s important that their MEP systems don’t go down as many people rely on Brookfield for their power. We commissioned dual 125 kva Uninteruptable Power Systems, and four 92 MBH high efficiency computer room air conditioning systems. 

Together with the manufacturer’s representatives, we performed start-up and testing procedures of the UPS modules and data center cooling units. We also conducted full testing of the emergency power infrastructure.

We witnessed the startup of the American Power Conversion, (APC) and cooling units for the data center and determined that the piping to the rooftop condensers was backwards and that the breakers on the UPS modules were oversized. These issues were corrected immediately, before the systems were in use.

Once the commissioning process was completed, Brookfield knew that their systems would operate as designed – a very important thing to know when so many people rely on them.

Project Type

Project Services

Fundamental Commissioning

Working as the owner’s advocate to fulfill the Fundamental Commissioning Pre-Requisite for LEED Certification, ensured that the MEP systems were installed and operate as described in the contract documents.


Designed MEP systems in compliance with the LEED certification requirements. Performed calculations and provided submittals, drawings and narratives for all MEP pre-requisites and credits, as required by the USGBC.