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60 Hudson Street

A better sidewalk

New Yorkers in a rush from point A to point B can certainly appreciate good sidewalks – the better the condition, the easier it is to walk fast (which we love to do). The NYC Department of Transportation also cares about the condition of the city sidewalks, because they don’t want any potential trip hazards.

The sidewalk in front of 60 Hudson was in poor condition and needed to be replaced. We identified several challenges to replacing the sidewalk, including the placement of utility vaults, tree pits and manhole rims. We laid out the new site plan to minimize the impact of the site’s underground structures on the concrete, and designed the expansion joints to mitigate the development of future cracks. We also coordinated with ConEdison to maintain the integrity of the utility vaults, and specified high quality water systems to protect the building foundation and underground chambers against water intrusion.

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Civil Engineering

Designed the systems on the ground and down, which includes storm water, utility systems, sewer mains, pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, and roadways.