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345 Hudson

Improving the way existing systems work

Sometimes clients hire us to test existing systems serving their buildings not because they want to replace the systems but because they want the systems to work better. This was one of those cases; we were hired to retro-commission two existing heating and ventilation (HV) units.

We performed installation inspections, vibration analysis, and functional testing of the units to verify the sequence of operation. What we found was that that two control valve stems and actuators had broken off one of the HV units, which was preventing steam flow control. To correct this, we recommended removing the rigid brackets to allow the pipes to expand, replacing the pipe hangers with spring isolation, and installing braided flexible connections at the coils.

During functional testing, we observed numerous problems with the Building Management System (BMS), including the fan status being incorrectly reported, problems with the supply air dampers not fully closing, early start-up of the fan, and uncoordinated speeds of the lead/lag fans. To correct these problems, we recommended installing end switches on the dampers and adjusting the linkage to ensure that the dampers could fully close when the unit was not running. 

The result of our testing was a more efficiently running system and an improved bottom line for Trinity.

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New York, NY

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Commissioning of a building that has already been commissioned.